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How To Choose Your Wedding Colour Palette

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Are you struggling to choose the perfect colour palette for your wedding?

Be Inspired By Your Setting

Take inspiration from your venue! If your venue has a lot of decorative elements already in place, use those details to influence your colour scheme.

Whether it's the colours of the carpet, the paint on the walls, the light fixtures or the stunning views. The smallest things can spark an idea.

Choose colours that will complement and enhance the parts you love most about your venue.

Think Seasons!

You don't have to stick to this trend, but we can't argue that some colours lend themselves naturally to certain times of the year.

Try looking at your wedding season for inspiration. Dark jewel tones, such as emerald green, plum purple, navy blue, and marsala red, for example, tend to fit in better with cold weather surroundings. Bold and bright colours are generally more appropriate for a summer celebration, while pastel hues are traditionally associated with springtime weddings.

Look To What You Love

Your chosen colour should reflect your personalities. Check your dress closets, makeup box, shoe collections and even your kitchenware. Chances are that you buy the colours that you love most.

Consult The Colour Wheel

Typically, colours that go well together are opposites across from each other on the colour wheel. A classic way to build your colour palette is by pairing a heavily saturated colour with a neutral, like taupe or ivory, and then adding softer complementary colours.

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