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Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We have listed 5 things you will totally regret not doing on your wedding day!

Husband and wife sitting at wedding table filled with ivory and white florals, surrounded by candlelit
Photo Credit: Iris and Ivy Photography

It’s so easy to fall into ‘what if’ mode after the wedding – looking back on all the things you wish you’d done. We have listed 5 things you will totally regret not doing on your wedding day!

1/ Not Giving The Photographer A Photo Checklist Make time to sit down with your partner and discuss which pictures are really key to you as a couple. Perhaps a loved one is absent from the day and it’s imperative that the photographer takes a picture of the portrait you are carrying of them in your bouquet or buttonhole. Or like a lot of families, you could have an unconventional family set-up with step-parents or step-siblings that are important to you and you can’t imagine not featuring heavily in your photos.

2/ Not Doing Morning of the Wedding Gifts Missing this off your wedding to-do list is a big mistake. It’s the cutest way to connect with each other without actually being together and whatever gifts you give are sure to be treasured. Tears guaranteed!

silver and black cufflinks
Photo Credit: Iris and Ivy Photography

3/ Not Having a Videographer It flies by so quickly that being able to re-watch the special moments from your day is priceless. If your budget won’t stretch, ask a friend to film the ceremony and speeches instead – it’s worth having at least a bit of your day on camera, even if it’s by a guest!

4/ First Dance Song A surprising point on the list of things couples regret is the 1st dance song. Your first dance is much more than just a music track. Listen to the lyrics and your heart, but try not to overthink it. It is very romantic to pick a song that can be yours – and bring back sweet memories.

5/ A Quality Moment Most importantly! Take a break for the two of you, go somewhere quiet, and just savor the moment you two have been waiting for.

Husband and wife hugging in garden at wedding
Photo Credit: Iris and Ivy Photography

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