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The Ibiza Wedding at Elmore Court

Grab your tea...secco it's real bride talk.

Real Bride Talk with Chelsea Love-Gupta 💍


We are excited to introduce you to our Ibiza Queen, Chelsea Love-Gupta. We were lucky enough to style Chelsea's wedding this year at the stunning Elmore Court on Saturday 7th May 2022. We are so pleased to have Chelsea back to share some advice with our future brides!

Grab your tea (secco...) and let's get into it!

How did you meet your partner (now husband!)? We had known each other for many years but ended up connecting online very randomly one night! (I should definitely sue Instagram hehe).

Where and when did you get engaged? We got engaged on my birthday, 7th May 2020 during the lockdown, which incidentally was the same date we got married (2 years later).

How did you choose your venue?

I had been searching online for something unique for a while, this may sound silly, but I knew Elmore Court was the one before I even viewed it - then it turned out the only availability they had was on my birthday which for the first time in forever fell on a Saturday.

What was your favourite part of the wedding planning process?

The hen-do! and visiting Etiquette of course! lol.

What was your least favourite part of the wedding planning process? Perhaps, the expectations of others - weddings seem to bring out either the very best or worst of family in my experience.

How would you describe your wedding style? Thoughtful, fun, unique, party, glam, Ibiza, gatsby lol.

What was your favourite item from Etiquette Events and why? I LOVED the Sequin Wall and 'Til Death Do Us Party' Neon. It just added such fun and enabled me to have the private club I had envisioned. If you could give any advice to any future brides, what would it be? I'd probably get married abroad (and fly Etiquette out lol) Seriously! Lol... I would hire a planner, or find someone I could trust implicitly and accept all the help I could. Nobody explains how stressful it can be to plan a wedding, especially as life/work/family is still happening simultaneously but this feels as though it's the only thing that matters. So yeah, my advice; accept help, delegate and trust 🤍

Take a look inside Chelsea's Ibiza Wedding!

As Chelsea mentioned, planning a wedding can definitely become overwhelming especially if you don't have the right support system around you. At Etiquette, we pride ourselves in ensuring you look as calm beneath the water as you do on the surface. Whether you need a planner, stylist, florist, or just a new best friend - we've got you covered. Get in touch today to see how we can help soothe your stresses and make your wedding planning journey as enjoyable as possible (as for most, we only plan on doing this once 😉 so together let's make sure it's the wedding you have always dreamt of).

Credits Venue: Elmore Court Stylist: Etiquette Events Photographer: Through The Lens with Nikki Bride: Chelsea Love-Gupta

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