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The Unfiltered Bride - A Podcast from our very own!

Ever wondered what it might be like working in the Wedding Industry? To know all the ins and outs, tips and tricks, and of course the hilarious stories and behind-the-scenes gossip? Well, our very own Georgie and Beth have taken to the microphone to share exactly this.

Welcome, The Unfiltered Bride. A wedding gossip-filled podcast. And we are so excited to be sharing it with you. All about the highs and lows of the wedding world. Whether it's drama from Mother-in-law's to useful tips on making your day unique - they talk about it.

So today, a week after its launch, we ask the ladies of the hour themselves a few juicy questions.

We're all ears...!

Q - Tell us a little about yourself and your contribution to the wedding industry. How did you end up where you are today?

G - Hi, I’m Georgie, I am a wedding planner and coordinator based in Gloucestershire. I started my business, Georgina Rose Events in January 2020 and the rest, as they say, is history.

B - Hey! My name is Beth and I am the owner of Etiquette Events, the multi-award-winning styling company. We offer on-trend styling for the modern couple. I have been in the industry for 12 years working as a wedding coordinator and event manager, I felt there was a gap in the market for on-trend styling for the younger couple and Etiquette was born.

Q - How did you both meet? Where did this sister-ship grow from?

G - Beth and I met on Instagram – we were both looking for opportunities to meet other suppliers and work together. A few styled shoots, weddings and WhatsApp were all we needed to bond! Both of us have a straight-to-the-point attitude and love for weddings, so it was a match made in heaven.

B - I really loved Georgie's sense of humour on her socials. We met during lockdown/covid. From the moment I first met her, I knew we would be a great duo, I don’t love the planning side as much as styling and knew I needed a Robin to my Batman.

Q - What was the main inspiration to launch your own podcast? Where did the idea come from? Was it in a pub… where they are all from?

G - We had both thought of separately starting podcasts. My husband has a podcast and we have some equipment at home, so it seemed an obvious thing to do, but when Beth approached me about doing it together, it just made sense! I don’t think I would have ever got around to doing it alone – Beth and I have the total opposite strengths and weaknesses so it works really nicely.

B - We have a lot of the same clients. Our approach to wedding planning and styling is the same. We spend a lot of time on our client relationships and are great friends with a lot of our clients. We heard the same dilemmas and stories come up and thought this needed to be shared with a wide audience. We bounce off each other - a solo podcast just wouldn’t have been as fun.

Q - What most excites you about your job as a planner/stylist?

G - I love being there on the day. My job literally involves me being a guest at weddings! Ok, not a guest, but I do get to be so involved and see it all. Witnessing somebody’s ‘best day of their life’ is an amazing honour! I love helping to deal with emergencies on the day and just being the support for a couple.

B - Getting to know my clients, really understanding what they want/like, mood boarding, designing, and creating epic weddings they could never have visualised. I am such a creative person and the joy of a well-styled wedding gives me no greater pleasure.

Q - If you could have anyone feature on the podcast, who would it be and why?

G - I would love to have Ryan Renolds and Blake Lively – because they are couple goals and I think they would do pretty well for our views!

B - Wedding Wise - I’d love Jim from Jimket events his work is insane and he just owns the industry. Non-wedding wise - Beyonce - because why the hell not she’s just an absolute boss!

Q - What has been a major challenge or failure in your career?

G - The biggest challenge was of course covid. I had just started my business, so the obvious choice would have been to just quit then. I would say that not knowing what was in store for the future was hard and not having done any weddings as myself made content and marketing near impossible! But as we know, it all worked out in the end 😊

B - Similar to Georgie, Covid but also our growth was SOOOO quick trying to run and build a business to the standard I wanted took time and a lot of mistakes, I can finally say we are there and couldn’t be prouder of the team and brand I have built.

Q - What are you most excited to share about on the podcast?

G - Selfishly, all I want to do is talk about my wedding!

B - Being so unfiltered and speaking about the unspoken topics, giving good realistic advice, and being able to help all the brides and grooms with their dilemmas.

Q - Who are your industry idols?

G - Oo hard question! I look up to a lot of wedding industry suppliers, but to be honest, I actually love meeting lots of new people and seeing how different suppliers work.

B - Jim from Jimket Events - Absolute King I also love Larry Walshe his florals are EPIC.

Q - Is there a piece of advice you’d give to listeners looking to start up their own podcast?

G - Start as you mean to go on. We made sure we invested in good equipment, cameras, microphones, and a team to support us with this. It’s not as easy as just chatting for an hour every week. If you’re really looking to do it, go in hard!

B - With everything I do I like to put my all in. JUST DO IT - if you don't you won’t ever do it. Building a community beforehand has really helped our reach and downloads with the podcast.

Q - Who should tune in and listen to the podcast and why. Is it just aimed for couples?

G - Everyone should have a listen. We dive into many topics, mainly related to weddings of course. It’s aimed towards couples, but to be honest, anyone who’s into weddings or podcasts will enjoy this chat!

B - Anyone and everyone who loves a good chat, gossip, and chin wag about weddings. Suppliers seem to love it as we are so unfiltered about the industry also.

Q - What three podcasts would you recommend to your listeners and why?

G - I personally like Nearlyweds, The Joe Rogan Experience, and The Diary of a CEO.

B - The Diary of a CEO is a firm favourite of mine! Being a business owner and understanding the struggles of business is really important. I also love really cheesy and unfiltered podcasts that make you feel good and can have a good giggle like Saving Grace and Not my Bagg.

Q - What topics should we expect to hear on the podcast?

G - Wedding drama, Wedding tips, and Wedding inspo!

B - Everything wedding-related, drama, tips, catering, celebrants, styling, MIL absolutely everything.

Q - If money were no object, would you still be in the wedding industry doing what you do?

G - Absolutely! I’d probably have a few more staff though so I could take a day off a week!

B - I love weddings soooo much that I couldn't leave the industry! I think I would restrict it down to maybe 6 weddings a year … I don’t want to get any more wrinkles or grey hairs. If I wasn’t in the industry I think I would be in marketing for sure.

Q - Your golden nugget of advice for couples would be..?

G - Don’t bother doing a wedding if you’re not going to make it your own!

B - Do everything you want to do your way.

Georgie and Beth, thank you so much for that little insight, no doubt this is going to be a great listen and we can wait to tune in and have a good giggle with you.

Make sure you follow and listen to the next episode and more here:: Click here to listen on Spotify Click here to listen on Apple Music Click here to watch it on YouTube

CREDITS: Photography: Patrick Partridge Photography // Venue: Waters Edge at Ewen // Magician: Glos Magician // Videographer: LIT Photography // Icecream Rolls: Roll Me Up UK // Cakes: ZM Wedding Cakes // Lollies: House of Lollies // Drink Toppers: Top it off Drinks // Photo Booth: Put A Spin On It // Stationery: Love Flora Studio

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