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The one where our wedding planner got married.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Find out why everyone's raving about Georgie and Brian's New Year's Wedding!

What style were you striving for with your table settings, florals and reception? Was there a certain look or vibe that you wanted to create?

I really wanted something quite different, so picking the square tables was quite important to me. Then when it came to florals and décor, the team at Etiquette helped me come up with the perfect words to describe what I wanted. Scandi & 50 shades of beige. I really wanted everything to be quite textured, cosy, bouji but still very us. Etiquette smashed the brief.

Were there any wedding suppliers that you particularly loved working with and why?

As a supplier myself, I knew how important it was to pick suppliers that I absolutely loved. I believe 50% of the booking should be on their personality and 50% on their work. If you don’t love the person, why would you want them their on your day. I was so lucky that all of my suppliers were absolutely amazing and couldn’t have done more for us. That is of course including Etiquette. You guys let me make changes, gave me ideas, supported my decisions and went above and beyond on the set up!

What were your favourite parts of the wedding styling process with Etiquette Events? I just love being so involved. I wanted to touch everything before confirming it! I felt like I was making the decisions but with a best friend who really knew what she was doing! The whole team at Etiquette work together to ensure every details is supported. The end results are more than you can imagine though, so be prepared for that!

Tell us what were the most important aspects of your wedding day and which moments really stood out to you?

The bar and the party were really important to us. We got married on New Year's Eve, so I know everyone was expecting a good night. However we wanted the day, especially the ceremony to be all about the wedding, and the neutral, stunning décor really showcased that for us. We wanted the vibe to change as you moved through the day (from classy, to bouji to party), and nailing that really stood out for us.

My 2 favourite moments from the day were:

  • The ceremony, standing in front of our guests and hearing our love story was really special

  • The new year countdown and the last song. We had everyone all together, singing with the band, gathering around us – truly special.

What would be your biggest advice to other couples currently planning their wedding?

Just do you. Screw the trends, screw the pressure and the expectations. Make it a fun day, pick things you guys like, and be true to yourselves. It’s YOUR day.

Suppliers Venue: Rhyes Farm // Photographer: Patrick Partridge Photography // Stylists: Etiquette Events // Videographer: Lion Island Media // Celebrant: Faye Elizabeth Event Services // Band: Tux Fizz // Hair: Individual Glamour // Make up: Genevieve Turley MUA // Florist: Blooms by Charlotte // Magician: Glos Magician // Catering: Hunger UK // Photobooth: Put a Spin On It // Pizza Van: Dough Hook // Coffee and Doughnut Van: Guilt Trip Coffee // Piano & Cello: Jam Duo Official // Dessert Boards: Hetty's Kitchen // Planner: Georgina Rose Events

Make your wedding day truly unforgettable! Get in touch today and let's start planning your wedding of dreams.

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