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Table Linen - Oh The Choices!

When it comes to weddings it’s often the details that can transform the big day from a fun experience to something really special. Your guests will notice everything, from your flower choices through to the cutlery on the tables. That’s why something like choosing the right table linen can have a lot to contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Suffice to say, It might not be at the top of your list or the most exhilarating aspect of wedding planning. But Lordy knows, changing up the linen can in fact be one of the most dramatic ways to set the scene that wont actually break the bank. Yep!

Today we will show you ways you can achieve this from some of our recent faves.

Bride and groom walking between two tables in a barn. Tables filled with colourful meadow florals and terracotta tablecloth
Patrick Partridge Photography

Make A Big Impact

Choosing a bold colour, textured or patterned tablecloth will dramatically change the look of your chosen reception room. You can reflect and enhance the features of the venue in the textiles on your tables. Compliment the wood, brick or stone walls by using bright or neutral linens. If it’s a white washed room, you have scope to be daring and pick from the many colours under the rainbow, although this can also work in any space, it’s always a good idea to arrange a meeting with your stylist and take swatches so you match the best one.

Close up of a tablescape. Grey textured linens, grey and white table number sign, gold rim charger plates, gold rim glassware, ivory tapered candles, and ivory and foliage floral centrepieces
Iris and Ivy Photography

Blue material draped over a wooden registrar table.
Patrick Partridge Photography

Enhance the Mood and Atmosphere

Coloured and textured table linens can also enhance the mood and atmosphere of your wedding reception. For example, soft and flowing fabrics in pastel hues can create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. On the other hand, rich and bold fabrics in jewel tones can create a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance.

Add Visual Interest and Depth

Patterned and embroidered table linens can add visual and textured interest and depth to your wedding décor. One for the more daring couple, but something that does most of the talking. A heavily pattered fabric wont need meadows of flowers to compliment and this is where you can save on cost!

close up of tablescape. blue and white patterned tablecloth, pink porcelain charger plates, pink napkin, and purple, yellow, pink, orange and foliage floral centrepiece
Katrina Photography

close up of tablescape. blue pattern tablecloth, gold candlesticks with ivory candles. colourful floral garland.
Patrick Partridge Photography

2 long wedding tables with ivory textured runner down centre with gold accents through the cutlery and crockery
Hannah May Miles

Linen, The Way Nature Intended

Natural linens are the epitome of rustic elegance. Neutral and classy, they provide both subtle warmth and texture, which, in our humble opinion, makes a table so much more interesting to look at. For example, you can layer textured linens to create lots of movement and interest thus, romance.

table close up. stone tablecloth, clear lace charger plates, black cutlery, crystal swirl glassware. deep pinks and purples floral centrepiece
Tom Durn Photography

Create a Unique and Personalised Look

Coloured and textured table linens can add a unique touch to your wedding reception. They can help you create a personalised look that reflects your style and personality as a couple. For example, if you're going for a rustic or bohemian vibe, you can opt for textured linens in earthy tones such as beige, brown, or olive green. Alternatively, if you prefer a more vibrant and eclectic look, you can choose linens in bold colours like fuchsia, teal, or mustard yellow.

In conclusion, coloured, patterned textured table linens are a simple and effective way to elevate your wedding décor. They can add a unique touch, enhance the mood and atmosphere, add visual interest and depth, and complement your theme and décor. So, don't hesitate to experiment with different colours and textures to create a stunning and memorable tablescape for your wedding reception.

With Love,

Team Etiquette x

Looking to elevate your table styling? Find the perfect linens for your special day.

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