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Strike a pose.. We're in VOGUE!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Yes, we are thrilled to announce that we feature in the April issue for Vogue Wedding Magazine and we are totally over the moon!!

It is such a joy whenever we are recognised in the industry, so when we got the call from none other than Vogue, one of the most prestigious in the business, we were jumping for joy.

It has been a fast, rollercoaster ride the past 3 years since Etiquette was born, and we are proud of where we are today. We really can't wait to see what's next in store and to continuously deliver our promise to you. Thank you for all of your support, it wouldn't be possible without you all.

So, here are some pics from the mag itself and the shoot we chose to feature. We thought you might like some behind-the-scenes footage that shows you the fun and hard work that goes into each of our designs!

And in the words of Madonna...

All you need is your own imagination

So use it, that's what it's for

Go inside for your finest inspiration

Your dreams will open the door

It makes no difference if you're black or white

If you're a boy or a girl

If the music's pumping it will give you new life

You're a superstar

Yes, that's what you are, you know it

Come on, Vogue


Team Etiquette


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