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Selecting The Right Wedding Venue Based On Your Desired Style

Before you sign the dotted line... does the venue align with your taste and desired style?

Bride and groom holding hands outside of manor venue
Courtney Marie Photography

One of the most significant decisions you'll make when planning your wedding is selecting a venue. The wedding venue sets the tone and style for your special day and will be an integral part of creating the look and feel of your wedding. You want a venue that perfectly aligns with your taste and desired style.


Here are some of our expert tips to help you select the venue that perfectly aligns with your desired style:

Rustic wedding set up with glass candelabras and pampas centrepieces
Charcook Photography

Decide On Your Wedding Style Before looking for a venue, define your wedding style. Are you going for traditional, modern, rustic, or something else? Having a defined wedding style will guide you in your venue search.

Guest playing mini golf at wedding
Charcook Photography

Identify Your Needs

Determine your guest count, preferred location, and other amenities you need for your wedding. This will help you streamline your search and choose the perfect venue that meets your needs.

Hamswell House wedding venue
Courtney Marie Photography

Research Venues Research different venues that fit your desired style and location. Check out their website, social media pages, and reviews to get a feel of the venue's style and ambiance.

Visit Potential Venues Schedule site visits to your top venues, and pay attention to the ambiance, location, design features, amenities, and flexibility. Ensure that the venue's style matches your wedding style and personality.

wedding stylist setting up wedding breakfast table
Courtney Marie Photography

Consult with Your Wedding Stylist Get expert advice from your wedding stylist to ensure that the venue perfectly aligns with your desired style and that it's versatile for styling and decorating options.

Once you've selected the perfect wedding venue, it's time to style and decorate the space to bring your dream wedding to life! Click Here to speak to our expert stylist to see how we can help you create a captivating wedding that perfectly reflects your style, personality, and love story.

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