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Leanne & Jamie celebrated their wedding on a beautiful winter's day at Pendrell Hall.

Married couple cheer-sing outside wedding venue brinsop court

Tell us about your story, how did you meet and where did the proposal happen?

Jamie and I met through a mutual friend and our love of international Rugby. I was actually with someone else at the time (although things were already coming to an end). Jamie asked my friends for my number and all of them refused to give it to him; He had a bit of a reputation at the time :p !

After a few Saturdays out for the Autumn internationals (Rugby), and not getting anywhere with my friends, Jamie actually messaged me on LinkedIn and that's where it all started.

It took 10 weeks for me to agree to a first date (I didn't want people thinking I'd 'crossed over', in terms of men)! And the rest, as they say, is history. All I can tell you is; we both vividly remember the day we first met each other. Every detail. How nervous we were around one another. He was just different to anyone else.

This was all around Christmas time which made it even more cosy/magical and fun.

The proposal happened 2 year later, in our first house which we had bought together.

It was Christmas morning (naturally), I was in my PJs with a scarf my mum had knitted for me as a present, wrapped around my neck. (fetching I know) Jamie gave me my Christmas card, telling me how much I'd changed everything for him and at the end of the card if just said 'and now I have a question for you'. You'd think he would have been down on one knee already.... but he was so nervous he pretended to look for something on the floor before he could eventually ask me and of course, I said Yes.

What style were you striving for with your table settings, florals, and reception? Was there a certain look or vibe that you wanted to create?

I love anything Art Deco and I knew straight away that I wanted to bring an element of that into the invites etc. The main reason I like Art Deco though, is because it's simple, clean and really quite classic. So that soon became the direction I wanted to go in terms of styling for almost every element of the wedding (other than my dress) and intertwined a small nod to xmas too. I really believe in the saying that 'less is more' and I think that comes across. Really the main decor we had was candles. That's it. But candles, with the right venue, the right setting and even the right time of year just look fantastic.

Were there any wedding suppliers that you particularly loved working with and why?

Of course, I have to mention Etiquette. I think Beth might have thought I was slightly mad when I came in for the styling consultation, and basically said, I only want candles everywhere, and do you have enough for me to hire?! It was just little things though. We discussed napkins and none of the knot styles were doing it for me - which is when Beth suggested the bows and I instantly fell in love with the idea - particularly as the entire wedding was a black tie! They were so easy to work with, nothing was too much hassle. I sent 2 pics of flowers and they absolutely nailed my bouquets without even discussing them really. It just worked.

The other suppliers who were amazing were Patrick - our wonderful photographer. I hate being the centre of attention and at no real part of the day did I remember he was in the room. When it was just my husband and I doing our shots, he made me feel so confident and I don't think I have ever smiled so much in my life. The few images I have seen within 2 days of the wedding are absolutely incredible and I cannot wait to see the rest of them.

Finally - James Roscoe - our pianist for the reception and wedding breakfast. Jamie and I love our music and we have a really varied tastes. But James managed to combine Jazz, Rat Pack, Christmas, and Elvis and it was absolutely beautiful. We had so many wonderful comments about him. He even took a request and had an impromptu sing-along!

Married couple at Brinsop Court looking at styled tables at wedding reception

What were your favourite parts of the wedding styling process with Etiquette Events?

My favourite part was the call before the wedding with Jess. I sent her a video of the venue so we could go through the details, and as soon as she saw the venue...I think her exact words were 'I get it'. It just worked. That followed by me sending Jess our table names, which were all xmas films, sealed the deal (she had the same at her own wedding).

Bridal party sitting on bed at Brinsop Court Wedding venue

Tell us what were the most important aspects of your wedding day and which moments really stood out to you?

I can't stress enough that no matter how nervous you are (I felt sick for the month prior to the wedding), as soon as you see your partner's face, up there and waiting for you.... it's just magic. That's probably one of my favourite moments. I'd gone from being this OCD worrier, to being totally in my element - despite hating being the centre of attention. Seeing and hearing just how much Jamie's bestman/groomsman think of him was another moment I'll never forget. It's not often you hear 'the lads' being emotionally honest (so to speak) and not taking the micky but for just a moment, they were honest, and it was lovely.

What would be your biggest advice to other couples currently planning their wedding?

You'll question every single choice you make in terms of decor/look/colour etc and you'll probably go around in a circle, more than once. But you'll always end up making the right decision and picking the colour/centrepiece/charger plate that is most you. Naturally, you will just keep coming back to it - and you'll know.

Everyone has an opinion - trust your gut. Someone in my family told me that tuxedos make people look like they are at a funeral or from the mafia.....I wholeheartedly disagreed and managed to get them in a tux on the day...

Married couple kissing in field

Leanne & Jamie xo

Suppliers Venue: Pendrell Hall // Makeup: EH Artistry // Hair: Bridal Hair By Jayde Elizabeth // Photographer: Patrick Partridge Photography // Stylists: Etiquette Events // Dress: Georgina Scott Bridal // Pianist: James Roscoe // Florist: Etiquette Events

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