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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Ani & Shank celebrated their wedding on a picturesque autumnal day at Cider Mill Barns.

Married couple cheer-sing outside wedding venue brinsop court

Tell us about your story, how did you meet and where did the proposal happen?

Shank and I met at work. We both work for the NHS and were working on the trauma and orthopedic ward at the time, he's a doctor and I am a physio. We shared an office for 6 months, kept it quiet at first, and then once I left we started telling people we were together.

We had been together for 4 years when Shank proposed. He went a bit extra for the proposal! he rented out a whole cinema in St Ives when we were on holiday with my parents. We sat in a 200 seater cinema just the two of us and watched the new Marvel film (romantic, I know!), then at the end, he said he needed the toilet and left so I was on my own. then my face popped up on the screen and a 5-minute film started playing which he had made about our relationship. At the end, it said "I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together, come and meet me outside" where he was on one knee with my parents videoing! We were all an absolute mess!!

What style were you striving for with your table settings, florals, and reception? Was there a certain look or vibe that you wanted to create?

I am a very indecisive person so I really struggled to find "our style." Although I had always pictured myself getting married I wasn't that girl who already had a folder of what I wanted my wedding to look like. I had no idea. We ended up choosing some save the dates we liked, which were navy and gold glitter, and then it sort of developed from there. We went for a kind of new years eve glamour with some gorgeous pink florals.

Shank is Indian so we wanted to do a small nod to his traditions so we tried to weave some Indian elements through the day, like the canapes, and we also had some Bhangra dancers who interrupted our first dance as a surprise for our guests.

Were there any wedding suppliers that you particularly loved working with and why?

Obviously Etiquette Events and Georgina Rose Events, I couldn't have done it without either of these. The venue we chose is actually a family business and they all work there as either the chef, bar manager, wedding coordinator, they were all great, it felt like they genuinely cared! Our photographer, David Grange, was also really great, making me feel at ease and always checking I was fed and watered!

Married couple at Brinsop Court looking at styled tables at wedding reception

What were your favourite parts of the wedding styling process with Etiquette Events?

I absolutely loved the face-to-face meeting with Beth. she got to know us as a couple and created a vision. Being able to see and touch the decorations was the selling point for me. My biggest fear is choosing decorations out of a brochure and then turning up on the day looking nothing like what you thought!

Throughout the whole process, whatever the time, Etiquette was always on hand to deal with my wobbles. I also really liked that as suppliers they weren't trying to sell you more decor. There were times when I asked if I needed anything else and was willing to buy more, but Beth and the team felt I didn't need it.

Bridal party sitting on bed at Brinsop Court Wedding venue

Tell us what were the most important aspects of your wedding day and which moments really stood out to you?

I was most nervous about the ceremony but actually looking back that was my favourite part! I remember standing around the corner about to walk down the aisle and being so nervous. Georgie gave me a confidence-boosting talk and we were off! Seeing Shank standing there at the end of the aisle with tears in his eyes will stay with me forever.

My dad said to me, 'Make sure you invest in your decor because it's in the back of every photo' and he's right! having trust in Etiquette really made a difference. Etiquette treats your wedding like it is their own and they won't stop until it's perfect.

What would be your biggest advice to other couples currently planning their wedding?

Enjoy the planning process, you'll miss it afterward!

Do your research and take your time! sometimes when I look back, we planned our wedding within 11 months and at times I felt rushed. I got so excited to get engaged that we didn't want to wait long to get married but I almost wished I had more time in that engagement bubble and enjoyed the wedding planning without the stress. Make a list of your most important elements of the day, mine were to stay on site the night before and the night of the wedding, exclusive use, and a modern venue. Then I used this to help make decisions.

You will also question every decision you make but as long as you go with whatever gave you "that feeling" you will be fine!

Married couple kissing in field

Ani & Shank xo

Suppliers Venue: Cider Mill Barns // Photographer: David Grange // Stylists: Etiquette Events // Wedding Planner: Georgina Rose Events // Florist: Etiquette Events

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