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Pick the Perfect Wedding Colour Palette for Your Special Day

Couples get confused and find it challenging to narrow down their colour options to the best choice, so we're here to help make it that little bit easier.

colourful wedding breakfast table
Captured By Katrina

Choosing the perfect wedding colour palette is an important decision that will set the tone for your entire wedding celebration. Often, couples get confused and find it challenging to narrow down their colour options to the best choice. It's important to have a colour palette that matches your style, personality, and overall vision for your big day.


At Etiquette, we believe that colour sets the stage for your wedding and plays a significant role in creating a cohesive design that wows. Let's dive in and explore some tips on how to choose your wedding colour palette:

blue and yellow wedding breakfast table
Iris and Ivy Photography

Determine Your Wedding Style What your wedding style is will guide you in selecting a suitable colour palette. Select a colour that reflects the style of the wedding you're going for. For instance, a beach wedding colour palette could incorporate shades of blue, green, and white.

bride and groom standing underneath xl ivory floral arch
Matt Tyler Photography

Research Trends and Inspiration

Search for different wedding colour palette trends and review them for ideas. For other inspirations, check out our Instagram @etiquetteeventstyling for colours that inspire you.

wedding breakfast table under a canopy of chandeliers
Patrick Partridge Photography

Pick Your Main Colour To start, select a primary colour that reflects the style and theme of your wedding. This will be the base of your colour scheme.

Choose Complementing Colours Once you've selected the primary colour, pick a few complementary colours that harmonise and balance the main colour.

gold beaded charger plate with ivory napkin and stationery
Courtney Marie Photography

Incorporate Textures Introduce textures that match your colour scheme to add depth and variety that will make sure the elements pop! Consistency is Key Be consistent across all elements of the wedding, from table settings to floral arrangements, to ensure the colour palette looks good and it's well-balanced.

At Etiquette, we collaborate with you to create a beautiful and personalised wedding colour palette that enhances your overall wedding vision. We help blend your colour choices into stunning floral arrangements, aisle décor, lighting, and much more to create an unforgettable celebration! Let's work together to make your wedding dreams come true! Click Here to get in touch today.

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