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Mono-Blooms: The next number one must have!

Trending now! The Mono-Bloom style is storming the wedding scene. Let us tell you a little about this hot new design and why it's so wedding-worthy.

Becky Tranter Photography

You’ve heard of the phrase “less is more” and in this case, less really IS more! And yes that's right, we don't always advise you to throw the bells and whistles at everything all the time. No, instead this time we are talking about a big impact, with little effort. And, It's actually pretty dreamy for us too! It’s such a simple idea but wait until you see the HUGE visual impact this look creates! Couples can now choose a single flower that they love and run with it! Super modern and often very sculptural designs emerge and create conversation-starting statement pieces. Scroll down and see some of our favourite Mono-Bloom designs, not only in the bouquets but across all wedding day florals for venue styling and more.

Courtney Marie Photography

We've recently seen more and more weddings gracing our pages showing single flower variety designs and arrangements. One of the most iconic and latest was the return of the Lily of the Valley for Sophia Richie's wedding. This is considered one of the most traditional types of wedding flowers. The delicate, bell-shaped flowers signify 'happiness'. Favoured by royal brides, including the Duchess of Cambridge, Lily of the Valley has a timeless elegance that is just perfect for the occasion.

Davy Whitener

Gary Nunn Photography

Florists are also creating stunning, show-stopping hanging installations and centerpieces using just ONE type of flower! The best part about this trend is that it’s perfect whether you want to go big or small with your wedding decor! Think delicate bud vases down the center of a long table featuring a big, fluffy bloom like a peony, or think massive hanging installations or ceremony backdrops using something textural like babies breath or pampas grass.


Emily Robinson Photography

One of the best things about the Mono-Bloom trend? It could help you save some money while still creating show-stopping florals. But be careful of what you are choosing. Single floral designs often mean many more stems so check the price tag before you get carried away!

Iris and Fig

So there you have it. Our hottest trend on the market right now. We hope it has inspired you with your floral ideas and more!

With Love,

Team Etiquette x

Becky Tranter Photography

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