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Mollie and Andy | A Pintimate New Year’s Eve Wedding

Newly-wed’s Mollie and Andy spoke to us about the truths of being a couple marrying amidst a Global Pandemic and why it was the happiest day of their lives…

Blossom Tree Winter Wedding Arch Aisle Styling
Winter Pintimate Wedding

‘Pintimate’ weddings are the latest trend, a delicate blend of personal and intimate.

A quote that had never seemed more relevant than it did on New Year’s Eve. After what had felt like an entire lifetime without weddings, we couldn’t have been more excited to finally do what we love most. And whilst this beautiful micro wedding may have been smaller than those we have styled in the past, it became clear to us all that sometimes it’s simply about the little things in life, the people around you and the memories you make, above all else.

And whilst we could talk to you all day about this micro winter wonderland, who better to tell you all about it than our gorgeous couple Mollie and Andy. And if they weren’t already incredibly photogenic and the kindest souls, they even wrote the loveliest words about their special day for us to share, you’d think we’d paid them (Disclaimer: we didn’t, their wedding was just really that special!)

So if you’re considering a Pintimate Wedding, give this real wedding blog a read and let Mollie and Andy tell you why going micro was the best decision they could have made, with the photos to prove it…

‘It’s the little things in life’…

What made you decide to go ahead with a pintimate wedding?

From a young age I had always dreamt of having the big fairytale wedding that every little girl dreams of- the dream dress, gorgeous wedding venue and huge guest list of our nearest and dearest!

We would say this idea changed for us around two years ago, where I suffered with my mental health and anxiety, which definitely altered our entire outlook on what it is we wanted from our wedding day and what was important to us as a couple. It was from this that we decided an intimate, personal setting for our special day was something that was far better suited to us both, but had always been overlooked as an option before.

For us, our honeymoon had always been a really important aspect of our marriage and given the current problems surrounding travel, it became even more important for us to ensure we could get away and enjoy our time together as a newly married couple, just the two of us. By choosing to go micro, we were able to spend much less on the wedding day itself without compromising on the day, which then meant we had a lot more budget to spend on our honeymoon!

Having been together for ten years, Andy and I were able to take a lot more time and attention over our guest list, given that we had no choice but to trim it down. It definitely allowed us to focus on what was most important when it came to our wedding day and this was a huge help when inviting our guests, as it meant that we really gave thought to who we wanted there to witness such a special moment, ensuring we spent the day surrounded by the most important people in our lives.

How did you decide on your wedding styling scheme?

I actually came across Etiquette Events by complete accident, or shall I say fate. A friend of mine had entered an instagram competition of theirs to win a blossom arch which is how I came to find their page and loved their work so I wasted no time in making contact to see if they would be available for our wedding.

I began talking to Jake at Etiquette Events who was absolutely incredible throughout the entire lead up to the wedding day. Given the uncertainty of whether or not our wedding could go ahead and the various restrictions surrounding our day, Jake made every effort to take the stresses out of the planning and styling for us so that we could enjoy the process, we were definitely in safe hands.

When it came down to deciding on our wedding theme, all I knew was that I wanted the decor to look classy, elegant and pure. My absolute favourite colours are white and green so I knew that I wanted these to be the main focus of our decor- I mean, even my entire home interior is based around them so they are definitely ‘me’ colours! Jake asked for some photos of my wedding dress and also used the look of the blossom arch we had hired from Etiquette Events that we had completely fallen in love with to create the look for our day. Whilst I definitely knew what I liked in terms of styling, I wasn’t too sure how the entire look would come together but Jake and Beth took my ideas and exceeded my expectations a million times over, the styling came together so perfectly- we couldn’t have been happier with the final look, it was a dream.

What was your favourite part of the decor?

If you had of asked me this before the wedding day, I would have definitely said that the blossom arch was to be our favourite part, but this was completely different when I saw the ceremony in person! I was so taken back by the white carpet runner, candles, and rose petals, I fell completely in love. I was also so shocked by how emotional I was when I first saw the ceremony, there were real tears! I just couldn’t believe how incredible it looked in person, photos will never do the decor justice, as the room just felt so magical and special, the attention to detail was absolutely stunning, I couldn’t have wished for better.

What was the most memorable part of your day?

Definitely walking down the aisle and seeing Andy for the first time. I had felt so nervous all morning, all of my senses had disappeared but the second I saw him every worry just melted away and I felt so content. It felt as though it was just me and him in the most beautiful setting and I couldn’t have been happier in that moment.

Would you recommend a pintimate wedding to other Covid-effected couples?

100%!!! It was undoubtably the best decision we could have made. Not only was the entire day far less stressful, we also saved so much money by scaling down. Something that was hugely important to us too was that the day was intimate and that we felt as close to our families as possible and the setting was just perfect for this. It was also so lovely that everyone there could really hear our ceremony and feel included in the moment.

What top tips would you give to couples marrying in a pandemic?

  • Focus on what’s important to you as a couple. For me it was getting to walk down the aisle and seeing Andy stood waiting for me at the end and also the feeling of going to bed that evening knowing I was married to the man I absolutely adore, as whilst you think all of the tiny details will make such a huge impact, they just melt away on the day.

  • For us, we would definitely say to spend your money on your wedding decor. When you and your guests look back on the day, hardly anyone is going to remember the main course they ate or what wine they drank with their meal as everything becomes a blur. One thing they will remember however is how the day looked, as your wedding photos will last a lifetime and photos don’t lie!

  • Trust the experts! Make sure you opt for suppliers that know what they’re doing and suit you and your taste. Etiquette Events were absolutely incredible throughout the entire process and can honestly say if it wasn’t for them we would have had no idea how to style our day.

  • Keep. It. Simple.

  • Don’t be afraid to be brutal when it comes down to the guest list. Whilst it’s always a tough one, your wedding day is the one time in both of your lives that is all about you. Take the opportunity to feel guilt free about exactly who you would want to spend your special day with. For us, having a small, intimate wedding really emphasised to us who the most important people were in our lives and who we really wanted to be there with us.

  • Write your own vows- our favourite tip. This is the most personal, intimate touch you can add to your day. In that moment, you just forget about everyone else in the room, it feels as though you are the only two people in the world and it’s the perfect opportunity to express to one another exactly how much they mean to you and how much you love them. They are words that nobody else could ever think of or say which is why they mean so much to us, we are even having our vows framed to put up in our home as a special memory of our day.

And that is exactly how you do a Pintimate wedding the right way. Mollie and Andy, thank you so much for sharing a little insight into your wedding with us, your special day was utterly beautiful and your words were just perfect.

So for those of you that are considering a micro wedding, we hope Mollie and Andy’s day has helped to shine a whole new perspective on going Pintimate. And for the couples that are currently planning a wedding during a pandemic, may this blog be our way of sending you a little love and light amidst the chaos and a reminder that you’re doing just fine and to keep going, as the best day of your lives is just around the corner.

Etiquette Events x

Photographer: Cotswold Stories

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