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Make Your Event More Memorable: Scent Candles

Welcome in the Summer season with our latest scented collection including scented Sand Candles, Linen Sprays, Tea Lights and personalised candles for on-the-day display or giveaways!

There is an important factor to a wedding that is sometimes overlooked and not thought of. As well as focusing on the visuals and sound of your day, don’t forget to jump into the world of scent and enhance the whole experience. It is a well-known fact that adding aspects of smell, will evoke strong sensations and create feelings for you and your guests.

It really is a fact! Here’s the science… The reason people’s sense of smell can stimulate such strong feelings is all in the way their brains are wired. Unlike the sights and sounds identified by people’s ears and eyes, the smells taken in by noses don’t have to be interpreted by the brain to make sense. Scents move along direct paths to the brain where they can be processed immediately. There you have it!

Sand Candles

Our new Sand Candle is endlessly customisable, safer, and more sustainable. Making candles smarter, while creating products that we're excited about.

The Sand Candle is made up of teeny tiny plant-based wax pearls. The sand is versatile and able to fill any container, making it easy to refresh and look brand new every time!

Just pop a wick in and it will burn for 8+ hours, spoiling only a small circumference of wax around the wick.

These candles can be scented, adding a touch of aroma and fragrance to your wedding or event.

Partnering with a wonderful, Cotswold-based candle maker; we have been busy beavering away in a candle-making workshop with smell tests and experiments to create three signature scents for you to choose from.

Discover Our Signature Scents

Sicily; a blend of citrus and lily

Reminds some of the scent of fresh linen. Blends of mandarin tea and orange heart note with lovely lily and hints of other florals.

Blush; a blend of peonies

Possibly the prettiest of the fragrances in this collection is the gorgeous blousy scent of peony.

Wild Eve; a blend of vanilla and rosewood

A blend of sweet fruits and citrus top notes on a bed of wood, musk, and vanilla.

Looking to make your event even more memorable with our signature scents?

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