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Etiquette: A New Era

You may have all seen that last week, we excitingly launched our brand new look! And ooooh we are so in love with it!

As our business expands and we step into a season of the most delicious events, we wanted to pair this with a brand new look, something that felt more aligned with who we are now and fits our branding completely. This, along with a huge amount of change! Fun Facts: Since our doors opened in 2019, we have seen, 3 new logo designs, 2 warehouses, 1 new showroom, 1 big ass team, 3 pregnancy's, 2 team weddings, and 2 fur babies. That, plus a NUMBER of the most beautiful weddings and events, felt like the perfect time for a refresh.

It was therefore paramount that we got this right. We needed something that oozed sophistication, elegance, opulence and was incredibly unique and recognisable.

We decided as a team that we wanted to shorten our name and in all, simplify our look. Our letterforms are lighter in weight and reflect a modern aesthetic. We have said goodbye to 'Events', giving more focus to our name, softened our colour palette, and designed a stunning standalone logo.

We are hugely excited for this new iteration of Etiquette to reflect our ambition in delivering the very best events and we hope you love it as much as we do.

And so, here she is.. we give you, the new, Etiquette.

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