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Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

Many brides dream of having that magnificent walk down the aisle! It’s your grand entrance, after all. It deserves to be as memorable as possible. So, we've rounded up a few stunning wedding aisles, some created by us, and pretty much all of them, will knock your socks off. Indoors and outdoors, featuring all styles: classic, contemporary, boho, and whimsical, these wedding ceremony aisles are anything but average.

We hope it gives you some inspiration and helps you pinpoint the type of walkway fit for you, you darn Kings and Queens!

Iris and Ivy

Aurora Grey

Boho Carpet

Another way to highlight the boho theme is through bohemian carpets. It exudes the laidback, and free-spirited vibe we love about boho weddings. Plus, the intricate geometric patterns add an extra touch of character to the decorations.

Patrick Partridge

Iris and Ivy


Create a huge impact with large, trailing material through beams, softening and making any rustic backdrop elegant. We also love a bit of textured fabric at the end of the aisle to fancy up your Registrar table.

Bride and groom standing at the end of a mirrored wedding aisle
Perfect Wedding Inspo

Mirror Floors

Quite a hot trend from over the pond this one. Stun your guests with an optical illusion with these mirrored aisles. Coupled with lush floral arrangements, the mirror aisle and arches make the whole room even more dazzling. If you’re having a more intimate event in a smaller venue, this will make the space look even bigger!

Patrick Partridge


We said it before, and we will say it again; meadows are still a firm favourite of ours! With freshly cut Spring or Summer, home-grown florals you'll want to skip down.

outside wedding aisle with white single stem roses lining the aisle
Paper Cliché Design

All White!

Who wouldn’t fall in love with classic all-white styling? These single-stem roses stuck into the ground confirm why white, will never go out of style. Just imagine walking by flowers in full bloom like these? Timeless, romantic, and sophisticated indeed!

Ivory and foliage broken wedding arch

Patrick Partridge

Focal Point

It's where all the important pics will be taken, at the end of the aisle, documenting you say those all-important 'I do's', so framing the occasion will make it all that bit special.

There's our top picks and we'd love to know what aisle style are you?

With Love,

Etiquette x

Need help creating your perfect wedding aisle? Click here to speak to our expert stylist today! Let's design the perfect walkway for your special day.

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