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12 Tips for a Killer Cocktail Hour

Contrary to a recent podcast battle this week... we adore a drinks station, but one that is pleasing to the eye (of course!) something that is on trend and one that will have your guests captivated by its creativity and its free-flowing booze! This, coupled with some of the finest and most fun entertainment ideas will be imprinted on your guests for years to come.

Here are our tried and tested top picks that really get the party started...

Style Me Pretty

The idea behind adding a wedding drink station is not only to add some theatre to your drinks reception but also to relieve the line at the bar by allowing guests to serve themselves—this means more time laughing and dancing! From hydration stations, and pre-made cocktails in mason jars to self-serve craft beer taps and mobile bars, there are so many ways to delight your guests with a beverage stand that's fun and unexpected.


One for the morning...

Pour over espresso coffee bar! These pour-over bars are set to be the new Pimp Your Prosecco table for sure! Welcome guests with a cup of their favourite hot drink before the ceremony kicks off and ensures they have all the steam they need for that roaring dance floor later. We also love this beautifully decorated Chia Tea Staton for something with a little less caffeine.


Live Beats

Live music is always at the top of our list for a swinging drinks reception. Nothing beats it to get guests in the celebratory spirit. For a really fun and interactive twist, we’re especially fond of roaming musicians too...

Martha Stuart Wedding


Food Glorious FOOD!

Throw in some showstoppers and mix up from the traditional canapé. Oyster bar with champagne, bruschetta bars, crab sandwiches, ice cream bikes, street food stalls, and waffle houses. The list goes on...


Bourbon Tasting

For the gentleman of the room. And the Ladies of course. Pair with some cigars for a truly spiffing and sophisticated slurp!

Wedding Drawing

Hire an artist in residence and get a life drawing for all your guests to take away with them. CUTE!

Inside weddings

Living Champagne Wall!

Is anyone dying to make the wedding guest list but the numbers are just a little too tight? Well, maybe they could give you a helping hand instead? No, maybe not. But you could look at other ways to create this handy wall and add a little comedy to your drinks reception.

The pour over set up by TWIST.

Pour Over Cocktails

Yup. By far our favourite new trend. A little laboratory-looking but quirky nonetheless! Fill your pour-over funnel with dried hibiscus flowers and tea leaves. Slowly pour a mix of Blanco tequila, mezcal, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice over the top. Serve.


Beer Bar A bespoke number sure to keep most entertained.

Making It In The Mountains

Mason Jars

Shake your own mason jar cocktail and favour. Pile it into a bucket of ice and you could even signature a Mr & Mrs.


Lounge Areas

These are perfect spots and always a crowd-pleaser. Set up in a nice shaded spot for guests to escape the sun and add a help-yourself T&C section and some delightful homemade biscuits to nibble on.

oh lily design

Games about the couple

Sip & Solve - A great little game that will get guests talking to one another and guessing the answers!

Fun Fact canapés napkins - it's all in the small details.

Audio Guest Book

Another crowd pleaser and new addition to the Etiquette catalogue. These wonderful and easy-to-use devices will package up some keepsake moments and messages for years to come.

We hope that's given you something to think about. If you've got something different up your sleeve don't be afraid to pick up the phone or drop us a line, we'd love to co-create it with you!

Love Etiquette x

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