So congratulations, you are newly engaged and now don’t know what the hell to do next! – welcome.

We are here to help you turn your plans into reality and make sure you don’t lose any friends, fiancés or sleep over this wedding.


We guarantee your guests will be raving about the event afterwards. If you are looking for white doves and lace doilies  you are in the wrong place! We are not your normal wedding planners. Expect to have a new best friend and a badass event by the end of this.

Terms and conditions and travel fees may apply,


meet the geek

The engagement balloons have started to sink and you’ve just realised you know diddly squat about planning a wedding.

This meeting is designed to talk through literally everything, from venues, recommended suppliers and a probably a little moan about weddings you’ve been to.


  • 2-hour inspiration meeting

  • Prosecco, because no plans can be made without this.

  • A look through my little pink book of suppliers

  • Planning Trello board

  • Full planning tips, ideas, DIY ideas, recommendations


the wedding crasher

So look at you, you’ve managed to plan everything without killing each other, now let’s talk about the big day.
Wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy it? Well then let someone else (aka me) take the stress away and help everything run smoothly.

  • A meeting 1-month before your big day to discuss everything you have planned and our to-do list for the day.

  • Support at the lay up – many hands make light work, but the right hands make good work!

  • On the day coordination. From the an hour before your guests arrive to your first dance, We will be there to help your plans become reality – from lighting the candles to helping you keep to time!


side chick

Okay, so hands up who thought a Pinterest board and Instagram would plan the wedding for you? You’ve started your plans and now and you’re in to deep without a clue where to go next – cue your side chick.

  • 2 meetings to check what you’ve been up too

  • Support at the lay up – and one more chance to check we’ve got all bases covered

  • On the day coordination!

  • On the day coordinator. From the morning until your first dance – We are yours, whatever you need.


Contact us to book in a full consultation where we can discuss our package options.
Each event is priced individually based on location and involvement.

ball 'n' chain

Think Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, but I won’t run off with your fiancé.
Basically if it’s to do with planning your big day, I’m there.


  • 3 meetings to discuss it all – from budgets, ideas, themes, suppliers – you name it, we’ll talk about it.

  • Logistics planning – Day plan creation.

  • Unlimited emails, support, and help. I’m here for every decision.

  • Support at the layup.

  • On the day coordination. From the morning to your first dance, I’ll be there to help your plans become reality – from lighting the candles to helping you keep to time!


party pants

Call me a creative genius or just a party animal – but I know my way around planning.
This 2 hour meeting will discuss all ideas, themes, suppliers, logistics and more importantly how to make it totally Instagramable 


life of the party

Like the Friends theme tune, I’ll be there for you.
And no, not just to have a drink and a dance – we will actually run the day for you.

  • Meeting 2 weeks before your event

  • Supplier plan to ensure everyone knows where to be and what to do

  • Full event coordination

  • A promise to start dancing so guests do too


the whole shindig

Without sounding like a total prostitute, We are totally yours.

Bespoke prices for this badboy start from £500.

Inspiration planning meeting

Unlimited support

Venue, Supplier and theme sourcing

Full on the day coordination

from £500.00