flower walls & backdrops

Prices are hire only, delivery fees may apply. 


So you need a killer backdrop .. you are in the right place. We stock the best quality flower walls standing at 8x8ft .


blossom tree


pampas arrangement 


pillar candles
£3.50 each

10 piece glass candelabra 


pampas floral low arrangement 


ivory floral ball 



Are flower walls real or fake?

Our flower walls are 100% silk flowers. We use the best quality flowers to ensure the walls are durable and look stunning!

How much are flower walls to hire?

Our prices above include set up fees however there will be an additional delivery charge. Get in touch to find out our delivery fees.

Are flower walls still popular?

Yes! Our walls are out every single weekend. They have not been more popular. 

How big are the flower walls?

All our walls are 8x8ft. We can double the length to 16ft.

Can the flower wall be outside?

We judge this on a case by case basis depending on time of year.

Can i move the flower wall?

We do not recommend that you move the flower wall. We set up the walls so they are secure and safe and do not advise moving the wall.

Can i change the colour of the flower wall?

The only wall which can have added flowers is Harlow. If you would like to add flowers to this wall please enquire and we can advise.

Can i add a sign onto the wall?

Yes. Please advise us of what size and sign.

Can i add balloons onto the wall?

Yes. Please ask and we can quote for you.